Borne out of a 7 year research study into workplace nutrition, Food Choice maintains its close association with the University College Cork, continuing to contribute to research and insight.

Research studies

Our Research Centre is a free online resource where all our scientific studies are published.

The impact of a workplace catering initiative on dietary intakes of salt and other nutrients: a pilot study.

The effectiveness of workplace dietary modification interventions: A systematic review.

The food choice at work study: effectiveness of complex workplace dietary interventions on dietary behaviours and diet-related disease risk – study protocol for a clustered controlled trial.

The effect of complex workplace dietary interventions on employees’ dietary intakes, nutrition knowledge and health status: a cluster controlled trial.

Obesity, diet quality and absenteeism in a working population.

Barriers to and facilitators of implementing complex workplace dietary interventions: process evaluation results of a cluster controlled trial.

Nutrition knowledge, diet quality and hypertension in a working population.

A cost-analysis of complex workplace nutrition education and environmental dietary modification interventions.

Socioeconomic inequalities of cardiovascular risk factors among manufacturing employees in the Republic of Ireland: a cross-sectional study.

Evaluation of the uptake of voluntary calorie posting on menus in Ireland.

Validation of diet and urinary excretion derived estimates of sodium excretion against 24-h urine excretion in a worksite sample.

Type 2 Diabetes Research Yield from 1951 – 2012: Bibliometric Analysis and Density-Equalising Mapping.

Cost-effectiveness of a complex workplace dietary intervention: an economic evaluation of the Food Choice at Work Study.

Barriers and facilitators to implementation of menu labelling to support healthy food choices.

An evaluation and exploration of Irish food-service businesses’ uptake of and attitudes towards a voluntary government-led menu energy (calorie) labelling initiative.

The impact of a complex workplace dietary intervention on Irish employees’ off-duty dietary intakes.

Do socio-demographic and anthropometric characteristics predict food choice motives in an Irish working population?

What factors impact on implementation of a calorie menu labelling policy in Irish public hospitals?

Barriers and facilitators to implementation of menu labelling interventions from a food service industry perspective: a mixed methods systematic review.

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