The optimum blend of one-to-one nutrition advice and guidance alongside workplace interventions, scientifically proven to deliver positive changes to employees’ health and wellness.

Based on years of research

Our scientific approach is proven to generate sustainable improvements in the health and wellbeing of employees ensuring maximum return for employer investment.

The Food Choice programme ensures the ideal combination of choice architecture for employees. We optimise healthy food choices within the workplace and provide employees with easy access to tailored, individual expert nutrition advice.

We empower your employees to make better choices in their workplace as part of your wider Health & Wellbeing strategy.

An integrated approach

We support employees, employer and caterer to ensure the right mix of environmental change, education and communication.

Software Platform and Employee App

Filter by preferred meals, restaurant, date, meal-type and more

Click on each meal for detailed nutrition information

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Dashboards for Employer, Employee and Caterer

Employer Benefits

Talent Attraction & Retention
Employee Morale & Engagement
Increased Productivity
Corporate Reputation
Employee Weight
Healthcare Costs
Absence Costs
Improves Employee Health

Measurable financial return on investment for employer

* based on-site population of 600 and an average salary of £30,000

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