Nutritional analysis of recipes, menus and food products by registered nutritionists and dietitians

Recipes and menus can be nutritionally analysed and modified, together with providing labels to be displayed on digital boards.

Using our own cloud-based nutrition analysis software, we conduct recipe analysis and apply allergen, calorie and traffic light labelling to menus for events, catering companies and work restaurants. Displaying nutritional labelling at point of choice empowers individuals to make an informed choice when eating outside of home.

Recipe and Menu Analysis

Nutritional Analysis

Empower employees to make informed choices


In partnership with your caterer, we can suggest improvements in the nutrition profile of recipes and menus.

Traffic Lights

Traffic Light, Calorie + Allergen Coding.


Portion size guidance and healthy food swaps.


Labelling templates can be displayed on digital boards or on A4 or A5 printed displays.
Research Centre

Research Centre

Our research demonstrates the impact and effectiveness of workplace nutrition programmes, and catering initiatives on individuals’ dietary behaviours, health status, quality of life and productivity.

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