Nutrition Workshops

Sometimes learning is better when we are together. Facilitated by our registered nutritionists & dietitians, our online or onsite group workshops take a deep dive into one specific nutrition topic that is an interest of yours!

Nutrition Workshops

Empower Employees

with a half-day nutrition workshop

Interactive Workshops

Latest research, guidance and recommendations.


Share practical tips and advice on how to improve your nutritional health.


1-to-1 nutrition consultation with a registered nutritionist or dietitian

Workshop outline

Online or Onsite Workshop

  • 1.5-2 hours (2 x 45 min sessions).
  • Interactive workshop: latest research, guidance and recommendations.
  • Share practical tips and advice on how to improve your nutritional health.
  • Provide access to the workshop presentation or a summary handout.
  • Online or onsite 1-2-1 x 30 minute nutrition consultation with a registered nutritionist or dietitian

Popular Topics

we share with clients


Can our dietary behaviours improve how we feel? Yes, we investigate the science behind this and will share our knowledge on Nutrients to Support Your Mood, Mindful Eating, The Gut-Brain Axis, The Mediterranean Diet, Do’s & Don’ts for Nutrition & Mood.


  • Learn what nutrients you can include in your diet to support good mood
  • Understand what mindful eating is and how it can be applied
  • Gain a better understanding of the gut-brain-axis
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of the Mediterranean diet

Suitable For

Anyone who wants to learn more about how dietary behaviours support your mood, together with practical tips & resources to apply that knowledge.


Women have specific nutritional needs during different life stages such as pregnancy & menopause. We will discuss the current dietary recommendations for women, provide diet and lifestyle advice for better women’s health and will discuss how our food choices can affect conditions such as PCOS & osteoporosis.


  • Gain an understanding of what the nutritional needs are for women
  • Learn how to apply the diet and lifestyle advice in a practical way
  • Understand what the specific requirements are for certain life stages
  • Know what the evidence says about dietary approaches for conditions including PCOS, Menopause, Obesity & Overweight, Breast Cancer & Osteoporosis

Suitable For

All women who want to gain more of an understanding about the connection between their diet & lifestyle and how they feel.


Let’s face it, family meals are busy. As parents and registered nutritionists & dietitians, we will share our advice on how to prepare and plan family meals and snacks for all ages!


  • Receive practical tips & tools for eating healthy even when life gets very busy!
  • Support our family members to reach their daily nutritional needs
  • Learn how to meal plan & prep with a sample meal planner and ideas for quick meals
  • Understand how to build balanced meals & get ideas on quick and delicious snacks

Suitable For

Anyone with children or living with family members, who want to improve their nutrition knowledge while gaining practical tips on how to prepare balanced meals for their family


We have all heard of the expressions ‘gut feeling’ or ‘butterflies in your stomach’. But did you know that these feelings originate from the fact that the gut and the brain are constantly communicating with each other? This two-way dialogue is called the ‘Gut-Brain Axis’.


  • Attendees will learn about the “gut-brain axis”
  • We will provide 6-steps that you can use to support a healthy gut
  • Discuss common challenges such as beating the bloat and managing constipation
  • Gut health myths

Suitable For

Any employee who is interested in understanding how to optimise their gut health.

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