Improve Dietary Behaviour

Our monthly nutrition training teaches you how to build healthy eating habits to feel your best. With many evidence-based topics for you to choose from, this practical training includes:

  • 1 Nutrition Theme Per Month
  • 1 Learning Session Your Way (Seminar/Webinar or Live/Recorded Whistlestop Session)
  • 2 Recipes
  • 2 Key Messages

This information is shared with all employees via global email or a suitable health & wellbeing platform.

Dietary Behaviour

Popular Topics

we share with clients

Gut Health

The Sugar Hype!

Meal Planning & Prep

Shiftwork Nutrition

Nutrition For Immunity

You choose the nutrition topic(s) and your preferred services below!

Webinars or Onsite Seminars

Our Masterclasses avoid the jargon and concentrate on evidence-based practical advice! Each webinar and onsite seminar focuses on one topic, is 30 mins max with 10-15 mins for Q&A. Suitable to record.

Whistlestop Tour

Whistlestop Tour (Live or Pre-recorded). If you are short on time, our whistlestop tours are for you! Each tour takes a snap-shot of a nutrition topic of your choice and highlights 3-4 hints to help you to get the balance right!.


With employees in mind, our recipes are nutritionally balanced, quick to prepare and delicious! Whether cooking for yourself or your family, we have many recipes to share; breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks! We have meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan and special diet options too! All recipes are calorie and traffic light labelled.

Key Messages

Our key messages only take 1-2 mins to read! We share useful tips on how to eat well at work and at home.

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